2636, 2640, 2642, and 2654 Eglinton Avenue West and 1856 and 1856A Keele Street is located within the dynamic Keele and Eglinton community, immediately next to the future Keelesdale Station on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

The Proposal

We are proposing to redevelop the existing site with a new mixed-use, transit-oriented development. Features of the proposal include:


Given that the site is next to the Keelesdale Crosstown station, we are proposing to redevelop the site with a new mixed-use activity, and a better pedestrian experience, to building that will bring new homes, retail the neighbourhood. This new building will be a transformative development and key focal point for the neighbourhood at the intersection of Keele Street and Eglinton Avenue West.

Thoughtful Design

The proposed building has been designed by award-winning Toronto-based architecture firm, gh3*, to be a high-quality and thoughtful addition to the community.

New Housing Options

The site is an ideal location to add new homes given its proximity to rapid transit as well as neighbourhood amenities and services. With 370 new residential units in a mix of unit sizes and types, the proposed development will provide greater housing choice to those seeking to live in, or move to, the area—adjacent to a major transit station.

Improved Streetscape

This proposal includes retail spaces, which wrap around the building at street level. This modern retail space will create and maintain an animated and pedestrian-oriented experience along both Eglinton and Keele, further supported by widened sidewalks and new landscaping features.


Review the timeline of past and upcoming events and milestones that are part of the development application process.

February 2022

Pre-Application Meeting with City Staff

December 2022

Application Submission

December 2022

Website Launch

March 2023

Applicant-Led Drop-In Open House


Access the reports, studies, and documents that make up our development application to the City of Toronto.

Environmental & Engineering


Read through a list of frequently asked questions about the site, proposed development, and planning process.

The Site

Q: What currently exists at the 2636, 2640, 2642, and 2654 Eglinton Avenue West and 1856 and 1856A Keele Street site?

A: The site is currently occupied by a 2-storey mixed-use building, with six retail spaces and four residential apartment units.

Q: Where is the site located?

A: 2636, 2640, 2642, and 2654 Eglinton Avenue West and 1856 and 1856A Keele Street is located on the northwest corner of Eglinton Avenue West and Keele Street, immediately next to (and east of) the future Keelesdale Station on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

The Proposal

Q: What is this proposal for?

A: We are proposing to redevelop the site with a 33-storey mixed-use, transit-oriented development that will bring new homes, retail space, and a better pedestrian experience to the area.

Q: Who is the architect behind the proposed design?

A: The project architect is gh3*, an award-winning Toronto-based architecture and design practice.

Q: What kind of retailer tenants do you have in mind?

A: We are still too early in the process to have determined potential retail tenants but welcome your ideas for the types of ground floor retail you would like to see here.

The Planning Process

Q: Have you had a community meeting for this project?

A: A community meeting has not yet been scheduled. We plan to host our own community meeting in the new year and in addition City Staff will host a meeting in 2023. Once the meetings are scheduled, we will update this website with the meeting information. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments about the proposal, we welcome you to submit them through this website and a member of our project team will be sure to get back to you.

Q: When did you submit your application to the City of Toronto?

A: We submitted our development application to the City in November 2022.

Q: What is the timeline for this project?

A: We are very early on in the process and still need to hear feedback from City Staff, stakeholder groups, and the community. The development application process usually takes between 18-24 months from the date of application submission for a decision to be made by City Council.

The Team

Learn more about the team re-envisioning the corner of Keele and Eglinton West.

Fora Developments


We are a real estate development company focused on urban mixed-use communities located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). operates across all areas of development We are a fully integrated organization that including land acquisition, zoning, design, sales, construction and customer care.


Architecture & Landscape Architecture

gh3* is a peer-recognized and award-winning Canadian design practice. Our office works in the increasingly complex realm where architecture, urbanism and landscape overlap. We design with a modernist’s eye to order, beauty, and social possibility, an environmentalist’s awareness of sustainability and long-term thinking.

Bousfields Inc.

Planning & Community Engagement

Bousfields Inc. is one of Ontario’s pre-eminent urban planning, urban design and community engagement firms. Bousfields offers a full range of land use planning, urban design and community engagement services to the development industry, municipalities and government agencies.

BA Group


BA Group provides transportation planning and engineering services to public and private organizations. We provide thoughtful plans for the movement of people and goods in urban environments. Our focus is sustainable urban land development and the legal, functional, social and economic implications of various transportation systems.


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